I wonder why I have never thought about using buffer capacity when selecting my buffers. Could be it is too hard to calculate by hand, but what the heck, we have computers and 21st century!

Goran Jerković

Concentration and solution calculator program - free trial download

Feel free to download CASC and try it free for 30 days. The trial version is not fully functional - parts of the code are disabled, but everything that can be calculated in the full version can be calculated in the trial version too. You will be reminded to register the program every time it starts. If you decide to buy the program, we will send you a registration key to convert the trial version to a registered version.

Select a file to download clicking on the filenames in the table. Please try first with the self installing package CASCInstall.exe. If, due to security reasons, you are unable to download and run this file, try CASCInstall.zip which contains the same executable file, but hidden inside archive.

Please note that all install files are digitally signed by BPP Marcin Borkowski, owner of the ChemBuddy trademark.

File nameFile size
download CASC - Concentration and Solution Calculator softwareCASCInstall.msi2767 kB
download CASC - Concentration and Solution Calculator software in zip formatCASCInstall.zip2369 kB

Current version number is If you have registered the program and you have older version, feel free to download and check if the new one works with your registration key - it probably will, as all minor upgrades are free.

After downloading please run the program - it will install and start for the first time, showing the tutorial.

CASC - solution calculator

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