I'm currently using EBAS when preparing quizzes and tests. Changing a quiz from a past year is straightforward and I'm pretty much decided to purchase EBAS or perhaps the suite.

Roger Kirchen

Concentration and solution calculator program for concentration conversion and solution preparation

CASC - Concentration and Solution Calculator - is a program for fast calculation of concentrations and concentration conversions, easy operating procedures preparation and for dilution calculations.

Concentration calculator was designed with flexibility and ease of operation in mind. It contains three independent tools and a huge database:

  • CASC concentration calculator helps you prepare precise recipes for all solutions containing one or several substances.
  • You can save and print recipes for easy use and for bottle labeling.
  • Built-in concentration calculator solves most types of questions pertaining to solution concentrations.
  • Concentration calculator converts for you concentration units - molarity, molality, percent concentrations and molar fractions. All calculations will automatically take solution density into account.
  • Built-in solution mixer - calculator for dilution and solution mixing calculations.
  • A built-in expandable database of over 300 common reagents with density tables, instead of a handbook with density tables. Using concentration calculator you will check the density of solution much faster, as you don't have to convert concentrations and interpolate between points - CASC does it automatically.
  • You can save your recipes to disk to keep track of the solutions used during research.

CASC needs a PC class computer with properly running Windows - any version published after 1995 should do.

BATE - example of pH calculated with the program

CASC - solution calculator

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