I was looking mainly for density table of citric acid solutions, now I am impressed with the ease of calculations [using CASC]. Great job!

Greg Beil

Chemical Equation Balancing and Stoichiometry calculator

EBAS - Chemical Equation Balancing and Stoichiometry calculator - is a program for fast and easy chemical equations balancing and stoichiometry calculations.

As with all our programs, the Equation Balancing and Stoichiometry calculator was designed to save you time spent on tedious tasks. Using chemical Equation Balancing and Stoichiometry calculator you will finish most stoichiometry calculations in less then a minute.

EBAS - balancing reaction equation and calculating stochiometry
  • Balance any chemical equation that can be balanced, no matter how large.
  • Find out molar masses of substances just by entering their formulas.
  • Find limiting reagents by just entering known amounts of substances.
  • Calculate stoichiometric amounts of products and reactants (in fact if you have entered known amounts of substances, stoichiometric calculations results are already displayed on the screen).
  • Use built in database to quickly fetch reagents formulas (although you will probably find out that in many cases it is faster to enter them manually).
  • Determine empirical formula of a compound using empirical formula calculator.
  • Find out percentage composition of a compound just by entering its formula.
  • Use built in concentration calculator and ideal gas calculator for any conversions between volumes, concentrations, and numbers of moles.
  • Use equation balancer and concentration calculator for fast determination of titration results.
  • Export balanced chemical equation in many formats (TXT, RTF, HTML, UBBC or LaTeX) for use in other applications and lab reports,
  • Print out summary for the reaction, containing all available information for further reference.

EBAS uses for chemical equations balancing general numeric method, solving sets of equations, describing mass, and charge balance.

EBAS chemical Equation Balancing and Stoichiometry calculator needs any PC class computer with properly running Windows - any version published after 1995 should do.

Stoichiometry calculator

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