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Chemical calculator - general chemistry software for pH, concentration and stoichiometric calculations

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At present we offer four general chemistry programs:

Buffer Maker - buffer calculator,
buffer composition, pH of mixtures

A built-in database and powerful pH engine make Buffer Maker the ultimate program for buffer design.

CASC Concentration calculator -
convert concentrations, prepare solutions.

A built-in database of over 300 compounds with density tables, making all calculations fast - and accurate.

BATE pH calculator -
acid/base equilibrium, titration curves.

No approximations made - if you see a calculated pH, that will be its exact value. And it is calculated on the fly, whilst you type!

EBAS Chemical equation balancer -
balance equations, calculate stoichiometry.

Balance chemical equations, find limiting reagents, convert volume/mass/concentration in no time.

Every chemist occasionally has to do some simple calculations, like concentration conversion, finding pH, calculating buffer composition or solving a complicated stoichiometric problem. When these problems are easy, they are waste of time. When they are harder, quite often they get too difficult to solve on paper - that is especially true in case of pH calculations involving several dissociation equilibria. This is when general chemistry software can save you time and frustration.

All our chemical calculators are designed to help in common tasks performed on a daily basis in labs throughout the world. Whether you are professional or amateur, teacher or student, PhD or technician, chemical calculator will save your time and minimize risk of error.

If you work in an industrial or R&D lab you may concentrate on the real problems, instead of losing time for the preparatory tasks.

If you are a general chemistry teacher you may prepare individual questions for your students, by simply playing with substance amounts and immediately know the correct answers.

If you are a student you may save tens of hours every year using calculators for the tedious parts of the lab reports.

And that's not all - our general chemistry software can calculate dilutions, titration curves, endpoints pH, calculate ionic strength of the solution, activity coefficients and so on.

Check out Buffer Maker - buffer calculator, CASC - Concentration and Solution Calculator, BATE - Base Acid Titration and Equilibria and EBAS - Equation Balancing and Stoichiometry calculator. To read more about these chemical calculators select them on the left menu to browse through examples, screen shots and other information.

Please visit our sister site www.ph-meter.info if you are interested in the history, measurements, and the theory behind pH. Please visit www.titrations.info for information about titration techniques, curves and results calculation, end point detection, methods and so on. Finally, www.refractometer.pl is a site where we try to post information about refractometers and refractometry as used in chemistry.

Chemical calculator software for pH calculation, concentration conversion solution preparation and chemical equation balancing chemical calculator