I finally took your advice and printed out the Cheat Sheet. I should have done that to start with, would have saved me a lot of work. What a nice tools you put together there! Oh well, it's good to make yourself work sometimes, otherwise the pipes get clogged up.

Bob Hunt

Percentage composition calculator

This is probably the easiest to use calculator in all of our programs. You just enter formula and it lists percentage composition of the compound, together with its molar mass. As the list content can be sorted any way you want, you may easily check which element is the most or the least abundant. For example if you enter formula of hemoglobin molecule C738H1166N812O203S2Fe, results will look like that:

EBAS - percentage composition calculator

and it is clearly visible, that hemoglobin is composed mostly of nitrogen.

Generally speaking every correct chemical formula of neutral molecule will be properly analyzed, be it something simple, like H2O, or smomething more complicated, like (C2H10N2)3[Fe(CN)6]2.

To be honest, we never though it may be really usefull, but after implementing many other parts of the program it was obvious that reusing parts of code from other calculators this one can be added in less than half an hour. We also know that hemoglobin example doesn't make much sense, as composition of such proteins depends on their source - it differs between species, or even individuals. So be it.

Stoichiometry calculator

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