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Chemical calculator - general chemistry software for pH, concentration and stoichiometric calculations

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XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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€124.95 - approximately $124

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Our mission is to prepare chemical software that will be as useful as possible. That's not an easy task - programs packed with options usually have complicated interface, are difficult to learn and to use. We hope to find a best proportion between simplicity of user interface and complexity of possible applications. If you want to comment on anything, or you have an idea on how to modify the user interface, or you want to ask us for an additional option, or if you think you have a perfect idea for the next calculator, or you just want to add yours $.02 - let us know!

We love to receive feedback and you can be sure your letter will be read. Most likely it will be also answered. Help us create tools for your work that will suit you well.

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Chemical calculator software for pH calculation, concentration conversion solution preparation and chemical equation balancing chemical calculator