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ChemBuddy Chemical Calculator Suite - things you miss in your LIMS

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operating systems:
XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

single user license price:
€124.95 - approximately $163

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Go for it! Important chemistry should be difficult for being clever, not for being tedious.

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ChemBuddy Chemical Calculator Suite

ChemBuddy Chemical Calculator Suite is a collection of four chemical calculators, sold for the price of three.

Suite contains:

If bought individually, they cost nearly €150.00 - approximately $196. Buying them as a suite you save €25.00 - approximately $33 - so you get either EBAS or BATE for free.

ChemBuddy Chemical Calculators greatly improve your ability to perform many everyday lab calculations, and they facilitate tasks that are usually overlooked in large LIMS.

To install the ChemBuddy Chemical Calculator Suite visit our downloads page, download all four programs and install each one individually.

By default all calculators install themselves in the C:\Program files\ChemBuddy directory in individual subdirectories BATE, CASC, EBAS and Buffer Maker.

Please remember that the registration key is personalized and it contains your name as it appears on the credit card. If you want to register the program for some other name, instead of buying through the automated process please contact us directly using our feedback page.

After you buy the ChemBuddy Chemical Calculator Suite you will be sent registration key in form of small text file. Save the registration file in the C:\Program files\ChemBuddy directory. All calculators will be registered and ready to work.

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