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ChemBuddy suite - all four calculators!

operating systems:
XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

single user license price:
€124.95 - approximately $163

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I finally took your advice and printed out the Cheat Sheet. I should have done that to start with, would have saved me a lot of work. What a nice tools you put together there! Oh well, it's good to make yourself work sometimes, otherwise the pipes get clogged up.

Bob Hunt

ChemBuddy Suite is a perfect collection of all four chemical calculators. Buying them as a suite you save over 30%. In other words - you get more than one calculator for free.

ChemBuddy Suite - all 4 calculators
single user license€124.95 - approximately $163
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Compare ChemBuddy Suite price with individual prices of Single User licenses for all calculators:

Buffer Maker
single user license€49.95 - approximately $65
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CASC - concentration calculator
single user license€49.95 - approximately $65
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EBAS - equation balancer and stoichiometry calculator
single user license€24.95 - approximately $33
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BATE - pH calculator
single user license€24.95 - approximately $33
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To check site license prices check price pages in individual programs sections.

ChemBuddy Suite site licenses pricing - per user.
license typeprice per user
site license - 5 to 10 users110.95 EUR
site license - 11 to 25 users100.95 EUR
site license - 26 to 50 users92.95 EUR

It is also possible to buy a Company License - for unlimited number of users within a company - for €5000.

If you are interested in buying a site or Company license for the ChemBuddy Suite, please contact our support through the feedback page.

Chemical calculator software for pH calculation, concentration conversion solution preparation and chemical equation balancing chemical calculator